The fight has begun.


Welcome to
The Underground

The Underground is a staking game with stunning algorithmically generated art of 12,000 unique Fighter & Yakuza NFTs.

Earn $BLOOD. Send your Fighters & Yakuza to fight (staking). They will earn you $BLOOD (ERC20).

Get GOLD. GOLD is the ultimate prize for everyone. But GOLD does not come cheap, 1M $BLOOD per GOLD NFT. Level up your Fighters to earn faster and use RING and AMULET (NFTs) strategically.


In-Game Items

Earn $BLOOD to purchase in-game items. You'll need them to reach the ultimate goal: GOLD.


Level up your Fighters to earn more $BLOOD while staked


Earn $BLOOD by collecting taxes from ALL staked Fighters


$BLOOD buys you items to improve your gameplay


Earn +100 $BLOOD for all NFTs in your wallet, per RING in your wallet.


Delay level downs by +3 days for all NFTs in your wallet.


Is the ultimate prize for all players. Burn 1M $BLOOD to get it.

In-game items are purchased by burning $BLOOD, which reduces the supply of $BLOOD constantly and at a fast pace to keep up with supply increases from staking rewards.


Stake your NFTs wisely. In-game items further improve your $BLOOD earning.
Higher leveled Fighters earn you more $BLOOD. Higher ranked Yakuza collect more $BLOOD tax.
Higher levels are increasingly harder to reach, as the amount of $BLOOD you need to burn to purchase the next level increases (like XP in Diablo).

$BLOOD supply approaches max-supply slowly and there is enough coin burning happening to have a balanced economy.

Game Roadmap

Everyone knows that only the strongest get GOLD.

Round 1

Fight club opens on day of mint. Stake fighters & yakuza to earn $BLOOD.

Round 2

Buy GEN1 Fighters & Yakuza with $BLOOD.

Round 3

Level up your Fighters to earn more $BLOOD.

Round 4

Get your GOLD for 1M $BLOOD.

Hover over our milestones to learn more...



The Underground combines the power of stake-to-earn risk-based gaming with beautiful, hand-drawn anime artwork. You can be proud of your fighters & yakuza while earning staking rewards in our ERC20 in-game currency: $BLOOD.
Only 10% of all NFTs will be Yakuza. They are rare for a reason...


While staked, Fighters earn $BLOOD. At Level 0 they earn 500 $BLOOD per day but the more you level them up the more they will earn. It is vital that you do so to attain the ultimate prize - a GOLD NFT. Each will cost 1M $BLOOD and only the best players will can ever get there.

Yakuza are different. They collect taxes from all Fighters while they are claiming $BLOOD (20% tax) or if they unstake (potential 50% tax). This means the more $BLOOD Fighters earn, the more Yakuza will collect in taxes. As a result being a Yakuza is lucrative, and being a higher ranked Yakuza is especially lucrative. Yakuza are rare. Only 10% of all NFTs will be Yakuza.
Yakuza also have a chance of stealing GEN1 NFTs (minted with $BLOOD). Check your wallet daily if you are a Yakuza owner, you might just find new NFTs in there overnight.


Use the $BLOOD you earned to mint more NFTs - GEN1 NFTs. They have the same features as GEN0 but are minted with $BLOOD instead. More Fighters/Yakuza will earn you more $BLOOD per day.
But take care, GEN1 NFTs can be stolen by staked Yakuza at mint!


Your Fighters will start with a randomly allocated on-chain level between 0-3. At level 0 each Fighter earns 500 $BLOOD per day - not a lot.
You need to level up your Fighters with $BLOOD to have them earn more per day.
Each level gives you +1,000 $BLOOD per day per Fighter.
New levels are increasingly harder to reach, as the amount of $BLOOD you need to burn to purchase the next level increases (like XP in Diablo).

Every 7 days, a Fighter loses 1 level if they have not been upgraded at least once during that time.
"Stake and forget" is not going to work as a strategy. You will need upgrades to have your Fighters level up more...
(Yakuza are not affected by Levels. They use Rank instead.)


Without upgrades, it's almost impossible to reach 1M $BLOOD. For that reason, you can burn $BLOOD to get yourself multiple AMULETS and RINGS, which have positive effects on all your NFTs in the same wallet.


Yakuza come with a rank between 5-8, which is randomly allocated on-chain at mint. Their rank determines how much of the $BLOOD taxes they collect and their chance to steal GEN1 NFTs at mint.


We are a talented experienced dev team with a history in on-chain staking and track record of smooth launches. We also desire to expand the fight club with even greater utility and create a fully-fledged P2E ecosystem in 2022.




Marketing guru.



Community manager.






Game mechanics.



Blockchain Dev.



Tokenomics & Marketing


  • What is the total supply?
  • - 12,000 GEN0 NFTs
    - 48,000 GEN1 NFTs (only mintmintable with $BLOOD)
    - 10% of all GEN0 & GEN1 NFTs will be Yakuza!
    - 1,000 GOLD NFTs (only mintable with $BLOOD)
    - 2.5B $BLOOD total supply
  • What utility do The Underground NFTs have?
  • The Underground NFTs will come in 2 flavours: Fighters and Yakuza.
    You can stake them to earn $BLOOD, the in-game token.
    Fighters & Yakuza earn $BLOOD based on their on-chain stats (given randomly at mint).
    Yakuza come with additional skills - they collect TAX from Fighters and are able to steal GEN1 NFT mints.

    Mint AMULET and RING NFTs to level up your Fighters faster.

    Mint GOLD for 1M $BLOOD to enter the next stage (to be defined).

    Be strategic which NFTs you stake. Buy stronger ones on the secondary marketplace (
    Read more about the mechanics in our whitepaper.
  • When is The Underground mint?
  • Pre-sale: 17 Feb. 11pm UK (must be on the whitelist)
    Public-sale: 18 Feb. 11pm UK
    Follow us on Discord and Twitter to be the first to know.
  • Can I get whitelisted?
  • Yes - if you participate in our activities on Discord and Twitter you will have the opportunity to earn a whitelist spot.
  • How much will it cost to mint The Underground?
  • Pre-sale: 2.5 AVAX
    Public-sale: 2.7 AVAX
  • How many GEN0 can be minted by 1 wallet?
  • Pre-sale: max 3 per wallet
    Public-sale: max 5 per wallet
  • What blockchain will The Underground be minted on?
  • We will mint on Avalanche, using the AVAX token to purchase NFTs. We have partnered with Avalanche as it provides cheap, fast gas fees and a growing NFT community.
  • Where can I trade my The Underground NFTs?
  • We will use as our NFT marketplace where you can buy & sell your NFTs using AVAX.
  • Will you use OpenSea?
  • We will mint on Avalanche (AVAX). NFTrade is the go to NFT marketplace on Avalanche and this is the one we will use. OpenSea does not support Avalanche (yet).

    Also, Opensea is full of scammers and badly maintained. We have chosen to launch on Avalanche so we can give our users a better experience and protect them - holders will be able to trade their NFTs on NFTrade and also on our internal marketplace.